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WhatsApp now lets playback speed controlling for voice messages on iOS, Android, Web: Here’s how it works

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WhatsApp recently rolled out an update that brought support to adjust the playback speed in voice messages both in iOS and Android platforms. The option to play voice messages at variable speeds has been made available on the WhatsApp Web version too. Also Read – Facebook, WhatsApp, Google comply with new IT rules, just not Twitter: Govt

The new feature is available WhatsApp version for Android and WhatsApp version 2.21.100 for iOS. As for desktop, the new feature is rolled out WhatsApp Web version 2.119.6. To recall, the Facebook-owned cross messaging platform released the playback speeds for voice messages for beta users on WhatsApp last month. While the feature was rolled out to limited users back to avoid server congestion, it has now been made available to all the users. Here’s how the new playback speed toggle for voice messages works. Also Read – Alert! WhatsApp fake message goes viral: Claiming government is recording calls and messages

WhatsApp playback speed toggle for voice messages on iOS, Android, Web: Here’s how it works

The new playback speed toggle for voice messages feature allows switching for voice notes from 1x to 1.5x and 2x speeds. You can see the toggle next to the audio seekbar. Tap on it and switch the playback speeds of voice messages as you’d prefer. As mentioned, the playback speed controlling for voice messages is available on the Web as well and functions similar to that on mobile apps. Also Read – WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted: What does it mean for users?

Besides this feature, the update also brings a “Laugh It Off!” sticker pack for both Android and iOS users. The latest update for iOS has also enabled “@” symbol in the group chats which users can use to mention someone while conversing in the group.

On a related note, WhatsApp has added a Refugee Nation Flag which is currently available in the beta version of Android and iOS apps. The WhatsApp Beta for Android version or WhatsApp Beta for iPhone version that shows the new RN flag has been brought to support refugees across the world.

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