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WhatsApp photos and videos consuming too much storage space on your smartphone, here’s how to manage it

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WhatsApp is among the most widely used instant messaging apps. It also allows users to send multimedia content like photos, videos, documents, gifs, memes, and send messages and make calls.

While it adds to the convenience, it also consumes a lot of storage space on the smartphone, thanks to all the photos, videos and memes exchanged by users on a personal chat or groups.

Another major reason behind it is that WhatsApp creates a copy of all the multimedia content sent by you or forwarded by you to others.

Thankfully, WhatsApp offers advanced storage management feature that allows users to quickly go through all the multimedia content and delete them all at once. Here’s how to use it to quickly free up storage space on your smartphone.

Makes sure to install the latest version of WhatsApp

Take a complete backup of your WhatsApp data before going through the process

Steps to manage WhatsApp data on your smartphone

You can also choose a particular chat or group from which you’ve received the most content or the one which is consuming the most storage space on the smartphone.


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