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Why Android brands may not be interested in launching Apple iPhone 12 Mini competitors

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The iPhone 12 Mini is one of the most talked about devices in the iPhone 12 series. Analysts expect the iPhone 12 Mini to drive to work wonders for Apple. The iPhone 12 Mini is as powerful as its elder sibling, iPhone 12, but comes in a compact screen size of 5.4-inch. But it seems as if what may work for Apple may not work for Android brands. While a compact iPhone may make sense for many, a compact Android phone with a smaller display may not be an attractive deal.
Also, a smaller Android phone may not make business sense for many brands. Major Chinese smartphone brands making Android phones are not interested in making small screen phones. They don’t even have one in their product pipelines. The reason is simple: suddenly making a smaller compact phone is an expensive thing to do. While Apple may be able to sell the iPhone 12 Mini, which costs Rs 69,900, very few people would be interested in spending that amount of money for a compact Android phone even if it features similar flagship specs.
Phone Arena quoted a post on Weibo by leaker Digital Chat Station, which read, “ Seeing that many people want Android small screen phones, let me first say that I have not heard of any mainstream domestic manufacturers that have small screen phones to be listed. Why? The cost is too high. For example, the iPhone 12 mini, the most expensive 5.4-inch OLED screen in its customized components is customized. It is not a small expense to open a mold production line alone, even if you choose a domestically-produced screen, you can’t get it with a few million. The market demand for small screens is still too weak. Its sales and pricing are not enough to share the high cost of customization.
On the other hand, Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing also said that the Redmi brand may consider launching a mini Redmi smartphone like the iPhone 12 Mini. However, Xiaomi hasn’t confirmed whether or not Redmi would actually be launching a mini Redmi phone or not but the fact that Xiaomi is taking interest in compact phones can’t be ignored.
Another issue thatWeibing pointed out is that a mini Redmi phone would mean that the device will most likely house a smaller battery. And a smaller battery on an Android phone could be deal breaker for many.

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