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Why Apple not providing free charger, earphones with iPhones may not really be a problem

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Apple will no longer be providing a free charging adapter and EarPods along with any iPhones. The only free accessory that you will get with iPhone 12 series phones is a USB-C to Lightning cable for charging and data transfer needs. Of course, it’s disappointing for iPhone buyers. Apple is defending this decision to not provide any freebies as an environment friendly measure. No accessories inside boxes will allow Apple to provide thinner iPhone boxes and also reduce e-waste.
Several Android brands have stopped providing earphones out-of-the-box by justifying that it helps them offer affordable prices. But for Apple, it sounds a bit stingy that a brand can’t provide adapters and earphones inside the box after a customer has paid over Rs 1 lakh for a new iPhone.
The free 5W adapter that takes forever to charge
Apple used to provide a free 5W wall adapter with all its iPhones along with a Lightning to standard USB Type-A cable. There’s no denying that the 5W adapter takes a lot of time to fully charge any iPhone battery. In fact, a power bank charges iPhones faster than the 5W iPhone adapter. So, for both new and existing iPhone users, the 5W adapter is of little use.
Having said that the general expectation was that Apple will include a fast charging adapter inside the box like Android brands. Some Android brands are providing free fast chargers of up to 65W. However, this is where Apple decided to cut costs. If a 5W charger is not of little use and adds to the e-waste, then Apple could have started to provide free 20W. But giving away free Apple fast chargers means people would less likely buy them separately by spending Rs 1,900.
With the free USB-C to Lightning cable, you can use any charger with a Type-C port to charge your iPhone. While, this sounds great, the bigger question to ask: what about warranty?
What about warranty if iPhone’s battery malfunctions due to third-party chargers?
Without a free adapter, it’s likely that Apple can no longer ask people to use their own accessories for the safest and best experience. Apple had earlier stuck to the standard response that using third-party adapters for charging iPhones may harm the battery and can even lead to a fire. Now, the question is if there’s a fire incident due to use of any random Type-C adapter, can Apple afford to look the other way?
Free EarPods are always welcome for new iPhone users
If you already have a couple of iPhones at your home then the free EarPods is of little use to you. But in a country like India, where the iPhone’s market share is still very low, there are lots of people who want to be new iPhone users and buy an affordable iPhone SE, iPhone 11 or even the iPhone 12 Mini. The free EarPods will definitely help them to listen to music or take calls. Also, there are times, when your wireless headphone is running out of battery and you simply plug the EarPods to carry on with your task.
Without the EarPods, any new iPhone user will have to purchase wireless earbuds or any other Bluetooth headphone. Thankfully, you can use any Bluetooth headphone or earbuds with your iPhone.There’s no restriction as such that you will have to use an AirPods with your iPhone.

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