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Windows 11 will improve multi-monitor workflow; here’s how

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Microsoft is expected to unveil its next version of Windows on June 24. Ahead of the unveiling, a developer beta build of the upcoming Windows (dubbed Windows 11) has leaked and has a lot of people are very excited. This is not only going to be a new Windows since 2015, but also a major design overhaul to it. Apart from the design overhaul, the new Windows will also include multiple new features, including a feature to allow it to remember window locations based on monitor connection in the settings. Also Read – Windows 11 download link: Beware! Do not install the Windows 11 test build gone viral

According to a screenshot shared by Windows Latest from the leaked beta build of the Windows 11 operating system, the Display settings will allow users to enable the option for the operating system to remember window locations based on monitor connection. It will also consist of another setting to allow the operating system to minimise windows when a monitor is disconnected. Also Read – Cyberpunk 2077 back on Sony’s PlayStation Store, with a special warning for PS4 owners

Multi-monitor experience that has been a pain point for multiple Windows users. Microsoft with Windows 10 did try to address this issue, however, it did not satisfy the people as the operating system was only allowing users to control how the second display would function. Due to which several people have been asking Microsoft on its Feedback Hub for a solution. Now, with Windows 11, Microsoft seems to be addressing the problem head-on. Also Read – Windows 11: Release date, top features to expect, how to upgrade and more

Other than this, Microsoft is also aiming to introduce a new snapping experience on Windows 11. The leaked beta build shows that the operating system is capable is automatically sizing the windows when you drag the windows to different areas of the screen. Clicking the maximise button would provide you with six different layouts to snap the Windows.

Microsoft is expected to announce its next-generation Windows operating system during a virtual event on June 24 at 8:30 PM IST.

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