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Would you pay a monthly fee to check to your heart rate?

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On September 28, Amazon unveiled a host of new products including a home security robot, a Mickey Mouse themed smart speaker, and a second iteration of the Halo fitness tracker. Unlike the original Halo Band, which was a passive device that fed biometric data into a smartphone app, the new Halo View has a screen and looks much more like a conventional fitness wearable.

The Halo View offers all the features you’d expect from an entry-level fitness tracker, including heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, workout tracking, sleep monitoring, smartphone notifications, and skin temperature tracking. What sets is apart from the competition is the price – at $79.99 (about £60 / AU$110) it’s one of the cheapest around. For that, you’ll be able to see your daily step count, activity sessions, heart rate, calories burned, time spent asleep and awake, and sleep temperature.

The Amazon Halo View offers sleep tracking and  (Image credit: Amazon)

If you’re thinking that list sounds rather short, that’s because the Halo View’s other metrics – including activity score, activity intensity, sleep score, and sleep stages – are locked behind a paywall, and only accessible if you have an Amazon Halo subscription.

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