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Xiaomi 200W charging to reduce 20 percent of full battery in 2 years

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Is fast charging good? There are always two answers to this. Those agreeing to it will justify a shorter waiting period while those bad-mouthing it will give battery longevity as the main reason. Well, Xiaomi seems to make both groups happy with its 200W charging solution. The company took to the Chinese social media website in a bid to explain how its system is different from everyone else’s. Also Read – Android 12 beta 2 rolling out: New privacy features, tweaked design and more

The basic numbers that Xiaomi threw at us for its 200W system are insane. A 4000mAh capacity battery can charge itself from nothing in just 8 minutes, which beats the previous world record of 15 minutes set by Xiaomi’s own 120W solution. That means extremely shorter trips to the socket while you are busy working out on your phone. Also Read – Mi 11 Lite 4G could be to Xiaomi what the V series is to Vivo in India

200W charging to be an efficient battery saver

However, fast charging does come with side effects, as seen with previous systems. Hence, one doing the same at 200W seems to deteriorate the battery faster than usual. Xiaomi has now clarified the confusion, stating that its 200W system only depletes a battery as much as any regular 5W charger would do over the course of two years. Also Read – Redmi Note 10S with Rs 1,000 discount on Amazon sale: Check offer details, new price

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For any battery capacity, Xiaomi says that its technology will only deplete the battery capacity by 20 percent in 800 cycles. Those 800 cycles need to be full charges, and not quick top-ups. Hence, with some rough maths involved, your phone’s battery should be able to retain over 80 percent of its capacity in a period of two years.

That should be fine by most users, given that not many people extend their phone’s lifecycle beyond two years. Moreover, companies like Xiaomi are increasingly putting bigger batteries in their phones to compensate for power-hungry 5G connections and high refresh rate displays. Hence, an average phone like the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max with its 5020mAh battery should still have almost 4000mAh capacity after two years.

While Xiaomi does not explain how it does that, it seems that the company is able to dissipate the heat effectively. Heat is the main reason your phone’s battery deteriorates over the course of time. The lesser heat your battery generates, the better it is for its longevity.

What remains to be seen is when does Xiaomi makes the 200W system commercially available on its phones. The Mi 11 Ultra currently uses the 67W fast charging solution while the 120W system was reserved only for the Mi 10 special edition in China. Xiaomi is also developing an under-display camera technology that is expected to debut next year.

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