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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Xiaomi may launch a smartphone with 200W fast charging that can fully-charge battery in 15 minutes

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Xiaomi is reportedly working on a new smartphone charging technology that will offer 200W fast charging. With this charging solution, the smartphone with 4,500mAh battery will be able to fully charge itself from 0% to 100% in just 15 minutes. Xiaomi has already launched a smartphone with 120W fast charging– the Mi 10 Ultra. This charging solution offers 0% to 100% battery time in 30 minutes.
Faster charging speeds are known to deteriorate the battery lifespan. So, while 200W fast charging may sound attractive, it would be interesting to see how Xiaomi manages to maintain the battery lifespan. There is no official word from Xiaomi around this technology yet. As per a report by Android Central, the smartphone may be launched in 2021.
Xiaomi recently announced an 80W Mi Wireless charging technology. As per the company, this technology is said to charge a 4000mAh battery by 10% in a minute and by 50% in 8 minutes and by 100% in 19 minutes wirelessly.
“The introduction of 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology is expected to set a new benchmark not only in the area of wireless charging but in charging as a whole. Xiaomi has been spearheading this trend by recognizing the importance of battery life and faster charging for the future development of smartphones,” the company said while introducing the new wireless charging technology.

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