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YouTube is changing the way you can fast forward watching videos on Android phones

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If you need to skip a certain portion of a video or move ahead the timeline, you usually tap to a certain point of time on the seek or simply hold and drag the red dot on the seek bar to particular time. However, YouTube is changing this on Android phones, as per a report by Android Police.
Android phone users will not be able to tap to a point of time on the seek bar to fast forward or skip watching a certain time period of a video. If you wish to skip, you will have to hold the red dot and drag it. This was already the case for iPhones, but Android users had the option to tap on the timeline.
As per YouTube, disabling tap to seek will help prevent accidental taps that leads to a frustrating experience. Also, YouTube wants to offer a consistent experience across both Android and iOS.
“We heard that a single tap to move the progress bar caused a lot of frustration with accidental taps. Now you can tap, hold, and slide the progress bar — the red dot will track your movement and once you lift your finger, the video will jump to that point in the video,” a FAQ entry by a product expert was quoted in the report by Android Police.
Meanwhile, a report by Bloomberg claims that Google may be preparing YouTube to sell products directly. Youtube is flooded with product videos. Be it toys, electronics, clothes, cosmetics and others, you will find videos of every kind of product on YouTube. Now, instead of YouTubers telling you to click the Amazon link to buy a certain product, Google wants to convert YouTube into an e-commerce site altogether.

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