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Saturday, April 17, 2021

YouTube videos to have copyright checks very soon – Social News

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Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube is in the process of rolling a new way to check that there are no copyright issues.

The feature is officially called “Checks” and it will automatically screen the videos users are uploading for potential copyright claims and ad suitability restrictions.

Explaining in a support page, a YouTube spokesperson said that this step is aimed at minimising the number of videos uploaded with copyright claims or yellow icons and “avoid surprises or worries.”

YouTube Checks will be visible during the upload flow on the desktop before visibility.

YouTube assured that in order Checks is not a time-consuming feature on the platform. It said that while copyright checks usually finish within 3 minutes, monetisation checks can take a couple of minutes longer.

Creators will always have the option to publish the video while the checks are still running, however, if in case an issue is found, it is set to affect the visibility and monetisation of the video.

In case an issue is found at the ‘Checks’ stage, users will be able to address it by clicking on ‘See details’.

“You’ll be able to see the content being claimed, including the timecode it appears at, and the impact the claim has on your video,” said the blog.

The YouTube Checks are already in the process of being rolled out but it may take some time to reach everyone.

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